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Hire a boat and discover Langweer and its surrounding area

Langweer and its surrounding area consists of a very large water network connected to many other places in the area. The town itself lies on De Kûfurd and the Langwarder Wielen, two top locations for sailing. From Langweer, places like Sneek and Joure are easy to reach by water. Some tours one can sail are the routes from Langweer to Sneek, a round of Langweer, which consists of the Langweerderwielen and the Sneekermeer or the route all the way to Heeg. Its location between lakes such as Slotermeer, Heegermeer and Tjeukemeer, which are also accessible by boat from Langweer. Makes it a perfect location for a boating holiday. Besides the beautiful lakes and rivers, the Frisian countryside is also worth a visit. Enjoy the serenity and beautiful surroundings that the far north has to offer.

Rent a boat in Langweer

In Langweer and its surroundings, there are several marinas and boat rental companies, where you can rent different types of boats. The most common boats for hire are sloops, sailboats or motorboats. Sloops are easy to use for a day out and are often rented for shorter trips. These boats are perfect for family outingsor an afternoon sailing with friends. Sailing boats are perfect for making the most of the water and especially for braving the water. Motor boats are perfect for longer trips and also for several days. In short, there is more than enough choice!

Do you need a boating licence to hire a boat in Langweer?

For boats shorter than 15 metres and no faster than 20 km/hour, you do not need a boating licence. If a boat is longer than 15 metres or faster than 20 km/hour, you need a Small Sailing Licence 1. If a boat is both longer than 15 metres and goes faster than 20 km/hour, then you need Small Sailing License 2.