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Akkrum, a small Frisian town

One of the special places in the far north is Akkrum. This small town located in Friesland is known for its beautiful surroundings, its many opportunities for water sports activities and its history. Did you know that Akkrum was an important economic place in the Middle Ages due to its location on the river Boarn? It therefore had a central role in the development in that area. Today, as described above, it is a place where people seek nature, unwind and enjoy all the nature and all the waters that are in the area.

Rent a boat in Akkrum

Akkrum is a very desirable place where people, especially during the summer months, want to go boating and rent a boat. There are many different boat rental companies offering different types of boats. Think of different sailing boats, motor boats, as well as sloops. For every water sports enthusiast, there is the type of boat that suits the activity. Because of its perfect location on the Boarn and because of the many accessible surrounding waters such as small rivers and the Sneekermeer, there is a perfect balance between tranquility and adventure.

Sailing in and around Akkrum

Because of Akkrum's perfect location on the Boarn, there are several possibilities to enjoy what the area has to offer. Find adventure on the Sneekermeer or enjoy the quiet waters in the area. There is something for everyone. Enjoy Akkrum and its surroundings in other ways? Rent a bike or walk along the pracitig paths that run through the nature in the area.