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60 boats for rent in Sneek (90 nearby)

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Hire a boat in Sneek

Sneek is one of the better-known places in the province, thanks in part to its extraordinary cityscapes and monuments. Did you know that when you want to sail into the center of Sneek, for example, you sail under a watergate that is several hundred years old? Besides historical history of Sneek, Sneek is mainly known as the place to practice water sports in the Netherlands. Think of the famous Sneekweek, where sailing takes center stage. Do you know what a skûtske is? It's a sailing wooden tjalk. In Sneek you will come across them. Visit Sneek and maybe you will sail on one!

From Sneek you have many sailing possibilities. The Frisian Lakes are easy to reach and the IJsselmeer is also a fine sailing distance away. There are several possibilities to rent different types of boats in Sneek, which are fully equipped and suit all types of activities. If you want to brave the wind, choose a sailboat, electric or motor, with or without a skipper, it's all possible! If you still want to take smaller trips on the lake, but still enjoy the water, there are plenty of opportunities to choose from different types of sloops. When you rent a sloop and want to stay close to Sneek, the Sneekermeer is a fine sailing option. In short, plenty of possibilities!

Sailing in and around Sneek

Sneek is in itself a beautiful location to sail through, but outside Sneek there are numerous boating routes where you can spend hours on the water and enjoy the beautiful Frisian landscape and all the tranquility. For example, consider the Rondje Sneek-Akkrum-Grouw, which takes an hour.

Sailing with or without a license in Sneek

The rules regarding sailing with or without a license are as follows: you may sail in Sneek without a license provided the boats are not longer than 15 meters and cannot sail faster than 20 km/hour. So there are plenty of opportunities to sail without a license. However, it is always advisable to contact the rental company for advice, if there are doubts or questions.