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Earnewâld is a beautiful Idyllic village in Friesland known for its beautiful surroundings, picturesque appearance and many boating opportunities. It is located in the National Park De Alde Feanen. Rent a boat and discover, enjoy and cruise through the beautiful waters that are the area. In addition to the many boating opportunities, there are also plenty of other opportunities to completely unwind here. Rent a bike or walk through the beautiful Frisian breathtaking landscape, while there is the possibility that you can spot all kinds of different birds.

Boat rental in Earnewâld

In Earnewâld there are many diverse possibilities to hear a boat that suits you and your activity. The offer is very large. For example, there are several providers who specialize in offering electric sloops, real whisper boats. There is also a wide selection for the true water sports enthusiast. Brave the wind, enjoy the power of the water and immerse yourself in nature by using a sailing boat. For enthusiasts there is also the possibility to choose from a wide range of different types of motor boats to enjoy what Earnewâld and its surroundings have to offer. In short, there are plenty of possibilities at the many boat rental companies in Earnewâld. There is also the possibility of course to sail yourself or make use of a skipper

Sailing with or without a boating license in and around Earnewâld

For boats going faster than 20 km/hour or longer than 20 meters, having a boating license is mandatory. In addition, in some areas around Earnewâld, such as the canals and lakes, you may also need a boating license. Therefore, always consult the boat rental company so you will not be faced with any surprises.