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Overijssel is a province with a wonderful history, historic cities and lots of beautiful nature. The many historic cities of which Overijssel is rich are the well-known Hanseatic cities. These various cities which, due to their strategic location on waterways, did well to stimulate the economy in Western Europe. These are cities like Kampen and Zwolle. A wonderful location to unwind and enjoy all that nature has to offer is the National Park Weerribben-Wieden There is also the possibility of boating here and in addition you can enjoy all the flora and fauna in this area.

Sailing in Overijssel

Overijssel is a beautiful province with various possibilities for sailing. For example, you have the river IJssel which goes right through Overijssel. This river takes you past historic cities like Zwolle and Deventer. A river to sail on is the Overijsselse Vecht, a relaxing river, where you can fully enjoy the beautiful surroundings. Highly recommended is to go boating in the fabulous town, Giethoorn, The Venice of the North. Enjoy the small canals and all the tranquility this place has to offer. In short, in Overijssel there are several places where you can enjoy the water to the fullest as a water sports enthusiast.

Rent a boat in Overijssel

It is easy to rent a boat in Overijssel. Throughout the province there are several rental companies and marinas where different types of boats can be rented. Think for example of electrically powered whisper boats, sloops, motorboats and sailing boats. They come in all shapes and sizes. There is the type of boat for every activity. Well-known places where people rent boats are: Zwolle, Giethoorn, National Park Weerribben-Wieden and Kampen.

Do you need a boating license to rent a boat?

In Overijssel, one needs boating license 1 when sailing on rivers and small lakes with a boat, longer than 15 meters and which can go faster than 20 km/hour. This boating license is mandatory for some parts of the IJssel River. In addition, boating license 2 is mandatory for large inland waters with a boat longer than 15 meters or faster than 20km/hour. For questions you can always contact the boat rental company or the marina.