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Aalsmeer, a special place in North Holland

Under the smoke of Amsterdam lies Aalsmeer. This is a very famous city because here, nothing less than, the largest flower auction in the world is located: Royal FloraHolland. This flower market dates back to 1912 (!) and was created from an initiative as the largest auction house for flowers, in the world. Besides this beautiful showpiece, Aalsmeer is also known for its many opportunities on the water and by the many nature and recreational areas by which it is surrounded. This place also dates back to the Middle Ages, so grab a bike, or go on foot and discover this beautiful place and its surroundings.

Rent a boat in Aalsmeer

Thanks to its location among a water-rich environment, there is a wide variety of different types of boats. There is something for every water sports enthusiast. If you want to take some shorter cruises, there are different types of sloops at various boat rentals. Do you want more comfort or really for the sailing feeling, then go for a motorboat or maybe even a sailboat, for the optimal experience! In short, there is a large enough selection for every enthusiast to succeed

Sailing in and around Aalsmeer

There are a lot of possibilities in the watery environment of Aalsmeer. Are you looking for tranquility, explore the many lakes such as the Westeinderplassen and enjoy the nature and beautiful surroundings. Are you open to a long trip, then there is definitely the possibility to go boating to places like Haarlem and Amsterdam. In Amsterdam, you can enjoy the small canals, the atmosphere of the capital and much more. Did you know that you can even sail to Leiden? In short, due to the location of Aalsmeer there are a lot of possibilities.