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North Holland

North Holland is a beautiful province in the Netherlands with a rich history, cultural diversity and many boating opportunities. Did you know that Texel is part of the province of North Holland? In addition to the great diversity of villages and towns that make up North Holland, it mainly houses very famous cities with a rich Dutch history that goes back a long way. For example, consider the capital of the province, Haarlem, a beautiful city. A city not to be forgotten is, of course, the country's capital, Amsterdam. Wander through the canals and enjoy all that the capital has to offer. In short, North Holland is a mix of beautiful historical cities and places, which are worth visiting, in addition there are plenty of beautiful natural areas where you can completely unwind. Want to visit the beach? Due to North Holland's location on the North Sea, you can fully enjoy the beautiful beaches this province has.

Sailing in North Holland

Because of the location of the province of North Holland and the diversity of its landscape, there are numerous opportunities for boating.Perhaps the most famous place to sail in North Holland is Amsterdam.Enjoy Amsterdam's historic canals and the Amstel River and experience the hustle and bustle of the city.Other wonderful places to cruise are the small canals of Haarlem and Alkmaar.Besides the many villages and towns you can sail through, which are often connected by rivers, there are also plenty of waters outside the cities where you can enjoy them to the fullest.Rent a motorboat or a sailing yacht and discover the North Holland coast.Because of its location on the North Sea, you can beautifully explore the North Holland coast.For the real water sports enthusiasts, you can enjoy the Markermeer and Ijsselmeer to brave the waters.Boating in North Holland consists of a diverse range of options where you can sail through historic cities, pristine waters, along the beach and through beautiful natural areas.

Hire a boat in Noord-Holland

Would you like to rent a boat in North Holland? Due to the many places where you can sail, the range is very large. From renting a sailboat, motorboat, or a sloop, everything is possible in North Holland. Sail on the Ijsselmeer, the Loosdrechtse Plassen or through the canals of Alkmaar. For each type of destination, there is a boat that provides the perfect match.

Famous boating routes in North Holland

Would you like to take a scenic cruise? For example, sail from Amsterdam to Haarlem or Alkmaar and enjoy the beautiful countryside, old windmills and picturesque villages.What is also a beautiful route to sail is the route from the Amstel River to the Loosdrechtse Plassen, via Weesp.In short, there are plenty of beautiful sailing routes to be found in North Holland.

Do you need a boating license to rent a boat?

To rent a boat you usually do not need a boating license.However, the type of boat and the sailing area do play a role whether or not you need a boating license.For example, you need a boating license for boats going faster than 20km/h and longer than 15 meters.For example, you need boating license 1 for boats between 15 and 25 meters and boats that go faster than 20km/hour. You also need license 1 for rivers and canals and license 2 for larger waters such as the Ijsselmeer and the Markermeer. So the difference is really in the area where you are allowed to sail. For questions, it is always advisable to contact the boat rental company.