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The youngest of the Netherlands' twelve provinces is Flevoland. A Flevoland created by reclamation of the Sea. Did you know that Flevoland was only established as the twelfth province of the Netherlands in 1986? Well-known places in Flevoland are Almere, Lelystad and Urk. There are also fun activities to visit like Aviodrome, Walibi Holland and the Orchideeën Hoeve. In short Flevoland is worth visiting! Besides all the many activities and famous places, it is also a perfect destination for water sports enthusiasts to enjoy all the waters around Flevoland.

Rent a boat in Flevoland

There are many different options for renting a boat in Flevoland. Due to its convenient location, surrounded by all waters, there is a diverse range of boats to choose from. Also foor the different boat rental companies and the different marinas, there is the possibility to choose from different sloops, for the smaller trips, motor boats and even sailing boats. For every water sports activity there is a match with a type of boat. If you want to take longer trips, choose the powerboat! If you really want to experience the water, then there is the option for a small or even a large sailboat. In short, there is plenty of choice.

Sailing in Flevoland

There are several boating routes that water sports enthusiasts can enjoy. Its location makes it perfect for exploring the Markermeer and Ijsselmeer. On these lakes are places that can then be visited such as Muiden, Volendam and Hoorn. If you go south there is the possibility to sail on the Gooimeer and visit places like Huizen, Naarden and Muiderberg. Within Flevoland you also have beautiful waters. Explore the Oostvaardersplassen and enjoy peace and quiet there.

Do you need a boating license to rent a boat?

In the province of Flevoland it is mandatory to have a boating license if the boat goes faster than 20 km/hour, but also if the boat is longer than 15 meters. In addition, also due to the location of Flevoland between larger waters like the Ijsselmeer, it is recommended to be in possession of boating license 2. If you have any questions, it is always advisable to ask the boat rental company.